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Fourth European
on Sustainable
Cities & Towns
Aalborg, Denmark, 9-11 June 2004

Aalborg+10 marks the 10 years of the European Sustainable Cities & Towns Campaign founded at Aalborg in 1994. Aalborg+10 will be the opportunity to look back over 10 years of local sustainability action, to evaluate and to monitor progress and obstacles, to set new targets for strategies and action and to continue the successful partnership between European networks of local authorities, European local authorities and the European Commission, culminating in the participation of over 2,000 local authorities in the Campaign to date.

Aalborg+10 is the fourth in a series of pan-European conferences addressed to local authorities that are committed to urban sustainable development and Local Agenda 21. It is the follow-up event to the 1994 Aalborg Conference, the 1996 Lisbon Conference, the Hannover Conference 2000 and the four regional conferences - Turku 1998, Sofia 1998, Seville 1999 and The Hague 1999.

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