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Liberty City Noire

Grand Theft Auto IV Walkabout Series is a visual essay by Duncan Harris.

Dead End Thrills is considered the bible of the trade when it comes to the art of screenshot capture. Its author, British gaming journalist Duncan Harris, is regarded as one of the most brilliant video game photographers in the world. He has been capturing the beauty of virtual landscapes for several years using advanced modding techniques and customized image filters.
Grand Theft Auto IV Walkabout Series is one of his latest visual essays, a black-and-white incursion through the game’s iconic Liberty City. The strong emphasis on eye-level perspective and low camera angles accentuates the sharp realism of the pictures, reflecting an aesthetic proximity to the images usually seen in movie stills. Make sure to visit his website to see the full gallery.

Architecture in Video Games pinboard

If you liked The Architect’s Guide to Life in Video Games you may enjoy my Pinterest pinboard dedicated to this very subject. Architecture in Video Games is a gallery with many examples of fictional buildings, cities, landscapes, and even entire worlds, which have become a part of the history of this fascinating medium. I’ll continue adding new images as I go so keep checking for updates. If you’re a Pinterest member, feel free to follow me there and let me know so I can follow along with your pins as well.

The Architect’s Guide to Life in Video Games

The Architect’s Guide to Life in Video Games is my latest article for Architizer. A short essay presenting 10 exciting examples of video gaming landmarks, ranging from single megastructures to entire cities and wide open landscapes. A list of remarkable virtual places everyone should visit.