[via IPHS 2004] The 11th Conference of the International Planning History Society will take place in Barcelona between 14-17 July 2004. The theme, Planning Models and the Culture of Cities, places emphasis on Planning Models and Ideals, contrasting with the diversity of cities and urban situations. This theme will allow "Planning Cultures" to be related to the "Culture of Cities", and in turn to real urban processes. In other words it seeks to encourage the analysis of the relations between Planning Theory, Urban History and Urban Studies. Furthermore, it seeks to respond to the strong call made for some time now, by all those involved in understanding the nature of planning and urban processes, for the adoption of an (inter-disciplinary and) integrated approach.

Accordingly, the 11th Conference seeks to provide an opportunity that will encourage the participation of urban researchers from different parts of the world, especially from Latin America and "Latin" countries in Europe. It should be recalled that this will be the first IPHS conference to be held focusing specifically on this cultural area of planning and urban history, and that to date participation from such "Latin" countries in the Society's activities has been minimal. For these reasons although the official Conference language will be English, Spanish will be co-official, and indeed it is proposed that some of the working groups will be held in Spanish.

(...)The Conference will coincide with the Universal Forum of Cultures Barcelona 2004. This major international flagship event will offer a wide range of diverse and contrasting parallel activities, which will cater for the different backgrounds of the delegates who normally attend the IPHS Conferences. Delegates will be able to complement the Conference sessions with different programmed visits, as well as pre- and post-Conference tours. Furthermore at this time of year, both within Barcelona and within its wider area of influence, there are many other tourist attractions of special relevance to those whose professional interests lie in the area of cities and planning.

The Conference will address the following subjects or sub-themes:
Cultural heritage and planning models.
Cultural economy.
Planning cultures and planning theories.
Planning and the environment.
Society and space.
Urban spaces, landscape and planning.
Innovation and infrastructure.
Urban historiography and planning in Latin America.

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