What the fuck is central vacuuming?

Sem querer parecer muito obstinado, deixem-me recomendar-vos um texto recente e imprescindível da Blogzira: It’s all so predictable.

And you know how it’s going to go, too, don’t you?
“You can’t have that space as a kitchen.” the man with the imaginary clipboard will say as he looks at my plans, meticulously drawn up and technicalfied by an architect.
“Why not?”
“Because it is stipulated in the regulations.” he will say, and you know he will say it in a “Michael Palin doing officious twerp” kind of voice. “And you can forget about that extra 20m2 of space you have surreptitiously tried to sneak in there, underground, where there exists space but which you are not allowed to use…. and don’t even think of asking me why because it is a regulation, stipulated. And that window makes one too many windows.” Oh yeah you clipboarded wanker? And I’ll punch him in the nose and lose my stake forever in the good books of the council.
I’m already getting irritated by the thought of it.
It’s going to make me mad.

Muito, muito bom!

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