CEBRA_toons: telling the story without words

CEBRA is a Danish architectural firm founded in 2001 by the architects Mikkel Frost, Carsten Primdahl and Kolja Nielsen. Some of their projects were recently featured on ArchDaily, the latest of which is the winning proposal for a Design Kindergarten, a daycare center structured around a series of building modules dedicated to different artistic activities. The project is presented through a sequence of concept drawings that break down the design process and effectively communicate the guidelines and priorities that served as reference for the final architectural solution.
Besides having a rich and interesting website, CEBRA also shares a gallery of watercolor drawings on their sub-blog CEBRA_toons. It’s a gallery of cartoonish renders that sum up a selection of projects they’ve made so far, each presented in a single A4 sheet. What’s interesting about these drawings is not only their artistic quality but also the ability to combine all the ideas that sustained their architectural vision in a single image. I leave you with some examples but make sure to visit CEBRA_toons to see the entire collection. Click to expand. [+/-]

More at CEBRA_toons.