Mapas de Macau

A American Library Of Congress disponibiliza uma colecção de mapas de Macau datados de 1655 a 1991. O sítio web apresenta ainda uma introdução à colecção:

The Eastern mapping tradition is characterized by the idea of place. It emphasizes idealizing or expressing the essence of a place–showing it pictorially and poetically. One map, an undated scroll map probably drawn in the late eighteenth century, represents the Chinese tradition. The scroll itself is approximately twenty-five feet long, although less than two feet need to be unrolled to show Macau and the adjacent coastline of China. That this map emphasizes the importance of Macau is obvious. The island is drawn out of proportion to its true geographical area. Buildings are drawn on the island, suggesting an image of urban activity in this port city. A textual notation warns that the “region is heavily infested with inner river bandits and sea pirates who can sail in and out freely. It also shares borders with Macau, where foreign boats and ships visit frequently. Those foreign vessels are always to be guarded against.

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