Not a playground for children

Technology is rooted in the past. It dominates the present and tends into the future. It is a real historical movement -- one of the great movements which shape and represent their epoch. It can be compared only with the Classic discovery of man as a person, the Roman will to power, and the religious movement of the Middle Ages. Technology is far more than a method, it is a world in itself, as in gigantic structures of engineering, there technology reveals its true nature. There it is evident that it is not only a useful means, but that it is something, something in itself, something that has a meaning and a powerful form -- so powerful in fact, that it is not easy to name it. Is that still technology or is it architecture? And that may be the reason why some people are convinced that architecture will be outmoded and replaced by technology. Such a conviction is not based on clear thinking. The opposite happens. Wherever technology reaches its real fulfillment, it transcends into architecture. It is true that architecture depends on facts, but its real field of activity is in the realm of significance. I hope you will understand that architecture has nothing to do with the invention of forms. It is not a playground for children, young or old. Architecture is the real battleground of the spirit. Architecture wrote the history of the epochs and gave them their names. Architecture depends on its time. It is the crystallization of its inner structure, the slow unfolding of its form. That is the reason why technology and architecture are so closely related. Our real hope is that they will grow together, that some day the one will be the expression of the other. Only then will we have an architecture worthy of its name: architecture as a true symbol of our time.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Illinois Insitute of Technology, 1950.

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  1. Quem diria que um texto de 1950 poderia estar tao actualizado em 2007!

  2. Sem duvida mais um grande texto, que continua a fazer todo o sentido nos dias de hoje…

    Tenho cá vindo espreitar este blog, e nunca tinha deixado um comentário por falta de tempo ou por não saber se fazia sentido, mas com o decorrer dos tempos acabei por ficar viciado e acabo por dar cá um saltinho praticamente todos os dias.

    Foi assim e através destes e outros blog, que me convenci que fazia realmente sentido também ter o meu, ainda não entendo muito deste meio mas o que vejo gosto.

    Muitos parabéns pelo excelente trabalho de comunicação de matérias da nossa tão querida mas complexa Arquitectura….

    Um abraço e bons posts
    Ricardo Barroso