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[Not only was Hadid the first ever architect to feature in KultureFlash's artist-in-residence programme (with her Car Park and Terminal in Strasbourg, which went on to win the 2003 Mies van der Rohe award), she has now won the 2004 Pritzker Architecture Prize, the equivalent of a Nobel Prize and most prestigious architecture award in the world. The first female architect of global standing, Hadid will also be the first female Pritzker laureate ever, and the third UK-based architect (following James Stirling and Lord Foster) to receive the honour. The prize is awarded to living architects who have "produced consistent and significant contributions to humanity and the built environment through the art of architecture".]

[Zaha Hadid has been chosen as the first woman to become the 2004 Laureate of the Pritzker Architecture Prize. She is the 26th Pritzker Laureate to be honoured and the third from the UK.]

[The building's corner situation led to the development of two different, but complementary, facades. The south facade, along Sixth Street, forms an undulating, translucent skin, through which passers-by see into the life of the Centre. The east facade, along Walnut, is expressed as a sculptural relief. It provides an imprint, in negative, of the gallery interiors.]

[Zaha Hadid è fra gli interpreti più significativi del decostruttivismo in architettura, che trova fonte di ispirazione negli artisti dell’avanguardia russa dei primi decenni del ‘900, come i costruttivisti e i suprematisti.]

[Zaha Hadid's designs used to be considered unbuildable...]

[Hadid, 53, says architecture "is really about ideas." Some of her ideas were considered radical just a decade or two ago. Now her designs have been accepted by cities and corporations worldwide.]

[Surfaces of concrete, glass and wood slide past and through each other, giving the spaces a restless, jarring quality, contrasting with the calming views through the wide expanses of glass that run most of the its length.]

[Si tratta di uno spazio fluido, in divenire, dove grandi pannelli sinuosi e asimmetrici, emergono dal pavimento o calano dal soffitto, si intersecano, si schivano, si incrociano, destrutturano lo spazio e suggeriscono un percorso labirintico.]

[Central to her concerns is a simultaneous engagement in practice, teaching and research, in the pursuit of an uncompromising commitment to modernism.]